01606: Rainy Manila Return

So we're back in Manila and the city is pretty much drenched in rain. As always the city's sad excuse for a drainage system can barely cope with the amount of rainfall and various parts of the city of are already flooding. I know, I should be grateful that our part of Cubao and even my office aren't necessarily affected by the weather in a bad way. Remaining high and dry and with steady access to power, internet and clean water is a blessing in itself.

I'm still on leave tonight - given my holiday schedule for the past few days plus the sheer fatigue of travel as a whole, I know I'm not quite ready to return to work just yet. And I'll certainly have my job cut out for me - there'll be a heck of a lot of catching up to come tomorrow along with the need to finalize a major proposal in time for a Wednesday deadline. It'll be a rather tall order, but I know I'll manage.

But hey, it was all worth it. It was a great vacation and it was nice to hang out with my sister again. Our bond as siblings has always been a unique relationship in my life - after all, we've been through so much together over these many years. And so despite her being based in Singapore, we do our best to keep those ties strong. And these little visits to Singapore are mainly about her. I don't mind not spending money on any other travel destination other than Singapore since it's an investment in our ties as brother and sister. That is always worth the hassle of travel and all that jazz.

So now to weather the night, hope for the best and settle back into the normal routine of Sietch life. Plus there's a little dog who is demanding a LOT of attention right now, hehe.