01605: One Last Dog Day

Today has been a very doggie day.

Instead of doing something really touristy - a lot of which we've already done in past Singapore trips - today Tobie and I mostly stayed home with my sister and her cadre of dogs. Bruno, the Pomeranian, is her only actual dog. The others are fosters and the dog of a friend that is left with her for caring. And she's not at all complaining.

One dog is quite the handful, what more four of them running rampant around the house. But by following the principles of Cesar Millan, she's done pretty well establishing herself as pack leader of this particular troop. Although Tobie and I were more than willing to help out in whatever way we can.

I'm just proud that Tobie has managed himself so well with all these dogs. For a man who was once terrified of dogs, he's really come a long way. And it's one thing to care for a little guy like Yoshi in the safety of one's home. It's a different matter entirely to have him getting to know a completely new set of dogs of different breeds and dispositions. And this is what makes me truly proud of what Tobie has accomplished over the course of this trip.

See - that's Tobie with Bruno big old Royce, who is one of the foster dogs. Big smiles all around. And that's why I'm proud of how far Tobie as come. This is beyond just being "okay" with dogs. He's happy around them and is already at that point in his life that he can actually love a dog.

We got a lot done over the course of the past few days while here in Singapore. Beyond the shopping, the play and the day at the zoo, it was generally some nice time away from routine, a little outside our comfort zone and of course together with family in the form of my sister. And that really helps qualify this as a great trip overall.

Well, we have to prepare for the flight home early Monday morning. Our bags are mostly packed safe for the last few items like our laptops and of course our final wardrobe change before leaving my sister's place. Singapore has been a lot of fun, but I definitely miss the comfort of the Sietch and of course dear little Yoshi waiting for us to come home.
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