01602: Arriving at Singapore

So we made it safely to Singapore - not that I was expecting anything bad to happen. We arrived way early at the airport (as always) and breezed through check-in procedures (thank you web check-in!) and spent the bulk of our time just waiting for our plane to board. I'm glad that Tobie keeps us on schedule for these things - I could never survive the sort of last-minute travel adventures I read about in other blogs and such. I'm sure it's an adventure in itself, but I'm more than happy being boringly early and efficient.

We arrived in Singapore around 01:00am and quickly connected with my sister in Sengkang. Since then it's mostly been settling in, getting to know her dogs (and vice-versa) and of course eating. Yay for food!

Thus far we've only had delivery of McDonald's (to be fair, we don't have the Chicken McGrill back at home) and just this afternoon we raided the nearby kopitiam for this and that soup, noodles and cake. I love all these Chinese-evolved soup and porridge concepts - and they're pretty cheap when you get down to it. Hooray for food!

Today we're going over to the Marina Bay Sands area to explore the active exhibits at the ArtScience Museum and then catch the musical staging of Dirty Dancing. In truth, this pretty much defined the purpose of this particular trip as a whole.