01601: Singapore-Bound Again

Today is the 115th Philippine Independence Day.

It's one of those weirder holidays since (1) it's the middle of the work week and (2) it's not like people use this day to especially commemorate our independence from Spain. In some ways it's also a day to mark our independence from Japan and our independence from the USA - we're just one of those countries that has experienced too many colonial rulers.

As for me and Tobie, we're heading off to Singapore later tonight. Our bags are already pretty much packed as of yesterday and Prince is already to watch over Yoshi and make sure that the dog gets fed and all that jazz. All indicators point to this being a pretty good trip At least that's the plan.

Our itinerary includes the Dirty Dancing musical, a museum or two, the Singapore River Safari and maybe some time at the Science Centre. Oh, and of course we're going to go shopping on Orchard Road - although our shopping list will be more geeky than fashionable. Because we're cool that way.

Have a great holiday, everyone!