0159E: Geek Balance

This is the weekend before the big Singapore trip for this year and yet we're still managed to schedule a double-gaming weekend. If it's any consolation, our game schedules are relatively shorter than what we'd normally do, which means about 6 hours instead of 9 hours. That can make a world of difference in a game - as hard to believe as that may seem.

The relatively light schedule has had the side benefit of more time to sleep and for Tobie and I to have some decent quality time. Thus we've enjoyed some of the cake that I had bought the other day to cheer Tobie and up watched a fair amount of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We made it as far as finishing part 2 of "The Best of Both Worlds" and I'm quite the happy camper in that regard.

I still have two work shifts to deal before Singapore. Then the trip. Then, well, whatever Singapore may bring. We already have some plans mapped out and I know that we're going to have a good time for sure.