0159D: Gaming Fun for Saturday

It looks like it's going to be a rather rainy game night here at the Sietch, although given we're playing the World of Darkness system, that just might be appropriate for the mood, in a manner of speaking. Today's game involves new players at the Sietch - which is funny since one could say that this game has been years in the making. Life's funny that way.

When I seriously think about it, tonight's indirectly started since I had posted a shout out on my old LiveJournal blog that Tobie and I were looking for other players to join our tabletop RPG nights at the Sietch. I was wondering if some of my friends would be interested but to my surprise I had people that I didn't know reaching out instead. And tonight's game is the fulfillment of one of those initiatives. Of course in the interim we got to know one other first through social media, so yay for the internet actually being used to make new friends.

It's nice to have new players - and this classification ranges from people who have never tried tabletop RPGs before to those who have been gaming for years but we just haven't had the opportunity to game with. Any game is defined by the players just as much as the Storyteller shapes the world. And thus new players means potentially new game experiences. And that's always a good thing.

Which reminds me - there are other folks who want to join the Sietch game nights. And whether we're talking about the tabletop RPGs or the quirky board games that Tobie and I collect, there's a lot of opportunities for geekery. And it's always a good thing to have more people enjoy the fun of such hobbies.

Not 100% sure what the rest of the weekend holds. Tobie and I certainly have another game tomorrow with the Sunday friends. But beyond that, there's still a fair amount of free time. This could be spent at O Bar - whether after tonight's game or even tomorrow night. I hope to pass by Greenhills to pick up a toy that I had pre-ordered some time ago. Or perhaps any free time should be invested in preparing for the Singapore trip on Wednesday. Gosh it's so near!
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