01599: Mundane Monday

It's a rainy Monday and I'm still shaking off the alcohol still in my system from last night's O Bar Ortigas run. It was a nice end to a rather quiet Sunday and I don't regret going out. I just know that I have to pay the piper given all the craziness.

Today we find ourselves dealing with the classic problem everyone faces after a fun night out - what to eat. When you live on your own without family that tends to make the meal decisions for you, figuring out whether or not you're willing to cook, if you should order take-out or if you should venture out directly. It's a stupid problem and yet one that we face a lot of times. I imagine it's even worse when you live alone - then you have no one else to consult to bounce ideas off of.

So now to figure out what to eat and of course how best to make use of the rest of the time left to me. It'll be time for work soon enough and thus we have to work with is left. And maybe squeeze in some time with my Transformers at the same time.