01598: Sleepy Sunday Scribbles

Today is proving to be one of those rare Sundays when Tobie and I have just spent the day at home. After a pretty fulfilling game night with Aldwin and Erich followed by a pretty crazy night at O Bar Ortigas, staying home all day sounded like a great idea indeed. And since we didn't have a game scheduled either, it seems everything had aligned precisely right for things to work out.

I still feel rather weary and a massage would definitely be awesome right around now. But I'm also feeling a tad too lazy to want to figure out how to address that for both me and Tobie. Plus there's the fact that we're bound to head out to O Bar again tonight, so perhaps a massage might be more effect come Monday instead of today. So many options to consider indeed.

So far we've slept in and got up past 03:00pm. Eventually wandered out of bed and enjoyed some coffee and leftovers as we nursed our respective hangovers. Then it has just been a lot of watching TV, unboxing Transformers, blogging, and musing about dinner plans. Oh, and Tobie gave in and gave Yoshi a walk since the cute little thing kept staring out the window. Of course the end result was one very, very muddy dog and thus a mandatory bath was in order.

Happy days are made of small moments like these, indeed.

Dinner is almost done and I'm pretty excited. I don't think Tobie and I have had this much time to really prepare a complex meal. So we're looking forward to pork steaks, a nice salad, thymed potato slices and mushrooms! Dinner is served!