01597: Adapting to Weekend Complications

Work week over - time for gaming! Well, almost.

The original game plans got a little disrupted, but we managed to find a workaround of sorts and now we're still going to game. It just won't be the original game that we had mapped out. Or even the same set of players. Yay for geek perseverance!

Tomorrow is going to be an open day for me and Tobie and we're not at all sure what we're going to do. We might head to the mall to watch a movie. We might just stay home to watch DVDs or play games whether on the PS3 or as board games. That last option is a bit of a challenge given most of our board games seem a lot more fun with 3-4 players. Tricky that.

Oh well, time to make the most of the weekend regardless! And it's raining. Hello, June!W