01596: Inches From the Weekend

It just dawned on me today just how crazy work has been. There are at least 4 proposals floating around right now with one other that had just been squared away earlier in the week. It was like this about a month ago and I was just about ready to climb up the walls in frustration. But now things are a bit more manageable given I finally have some help in the department. The momentary lull that we experienced the week he had joined the company was just enough time to get him properly oriented as to what needed to be done.

Now we're starting to figure out how to divide the work better and that means a more manageable workload between the two of us. And that's a very good thing. This is especially true given that just over a month ago I was dealing with a similar workload all by myself. That can drive pretty much anyone insane.

My Transformers acquisitions for the year are rather...significant, so far. In some ways, one might argue that I seem to be compensating for something, or some other silly theory like that. It certainly feels right and I'm happy to continue to grow my collection. Plus it's not like I've stopped saving money, although admittedly I'm not saving as much as I used to.

Definitely no regrets though.

Speaking off, I feel like investing some time with some recent acquisitions...