01595: The Skies Part

Today has been a rainy day - summer is certainly wrapping up for the year. And thus we can look forward to inane social media posts that complain about the rain as opposed to complaining about the heat. Let's face it - the weather rarely makes people happy.

I'm feeling all these aches and pains right now. Pain snakes up from my hand all the way past my elbow due to too much typing both at work and here at home. My legs feel sore from the limited walking that I do as part of my daily commute. And overall I just feel a significant sense of tiredness. However it's a rather inopportune time to file leave though - I still have a lot going on at work, especially this week. So some vacation time is out of the question for now. I'll just have to hang on until our big Singapore trip in June.

This isn't much of a blog entry, but that's all that I'll share for now. I think I need to rest my hand and maybe spend more time with my Transformers or something. Transformers always help me hope with the worst of my stress.