01594: Yin and Yang, Night and Day

Tobie had an early meeting at work today, so to make the most of things I passed by Greenhills on the way home. This works since (1) it means that I don't leave Tobie waiting for me to come home some other day when he doesn't have to be at the office early, (2) I get to pick-up my pre-ordered Transformer and (3) by the time I get home Tobie and I are free to chat until I head to bed.

These reasons may seem weird, but they make perfect sense when you operate on different schedules like Tobie and I do. We're not quite exactly night and day but there's certainly a period of time when one is sleeping while the other is working. It's just the way things are.

Would I love to have a job that operated on the same hours as Tobie's? Of course I would! What partner wouldn't want to be able to align his schedule better with that of the man he loves? But of course there are certain realities that need to be accepted such as our respective skill sets, the nature of the industries that best fit our skills and of course where the well-paying jobs are. There are a lot of problems with working the call center graveyard shift, but there are significant payoffs as well. And admittedly it's to let go of the benefits just yet.

And I keep talking about this on this blog and on social media repeatedly, I know. But that's the meat and potatoes of things - I love my job but the schedule isn't quite ideal. But Tobie and I put a lot of effort into making things work. And that's probably what helps keep both of us sane in the meantime.

That and little surprises for one another at random times...