01592: Another Weekend Over

Well, it's Monday again and almost time to face the music in terms of the working world. And while it may be the Memorial Day weekend over in the US, I'm still going to reporting for work later tonight. That's not a bad thing itself - I expect to get a heck of a lot more done given the US-based folks are going to be on holiday. Then again it's hard to tell - a lot of folks work through holidays in the BPO industry after all. It is truly a business that never sleeps.

It was a good double-gaming weekend given the Houses of the Blooded and Dungeon World game sessions. We didn't have time to squeeze in the World of Darkness-run "Umbra Group" game, but that's mainly because we were having too much fun with Dungeon World. It's a game with a nicely light system and a lot of opportunity for crazy narrative play between the players and the GM.

And we actually went to O Bar Ortigas last night after all that geekery. Certain friends that we hoped to be there weren't but a few others were, so I suppose it all balanced out. I'm glad that the Divas are enjoying my "Know Your Oh Divas" blog series over on the Geeky Guide - I hope the success of the posts thus far will encourage the others to participate in the interviews to give us a fuller picture of the entire Oh Diva community, hehe.

Hello, Monday.