01590: Saturday Obligations

Things are certainly looking up at work. It seems my new colleague in the department and I are starting to find our groove. There are some major synergies between our respective skill sets and interests and I think this is going to be a rather interesting working relationship indeed. This is far more than just finding someone to help out - and for that I am grateful.

It's been a nicely lazy day thus far - I fell asleep shortly after arriving home and that took up most of the day. Despite it being Geek Pride Day in the US and Towel Day everywhere else, Tobie and I really didn't have anything in particular planned in this regard. At the very least, we do have a game scheduled for later tonight, one that hasn't been able to resume for some time due to scheduling challenges. So yes, it's definitely something to look forward to.

It would have been a lot easier to manage Saturday activities had Tobie not have work obligations and if I weren't so tired from my Friday night shift. But those are the kicks of our respective jobs and work schedules and we make due as best as we can. But it is a real shame since so many people seem determined to use Saturdays for big parties and related events since Sundays are more focused on family, in a manner of speaking.

But at least we almost always have the games to look forward to. Those are always nice ways to fill up our weekends. Well, that and movies. And Transformers. And of course Yoshi.