0158F: Work Week Battles

So I survived yesterday's unexpected double-shift run decently enough. Leaving the office past 05:00pm together with the rest of the rush hour crowd is no treat, but I managed to get home okay. Yay for ordinary buses and their blatant disregard for official bus stops! Then again, that statement really applies to most if not all buses, save perhaps for the provincial ones. Our mass transit system is just horrible.

After some much needed sleep, Tobie and I ended up at O Bar for some de-stressing through drinking and drag queens. No need to dance like an idiot this time around - if anything it was a nicely chill night. And we had some major bonding time with a good friend - funny what common circles one can find with others. In this case, Beast Wars: Transformers! I still can't believe he's offering to give me his Optimus Primal and Megatron figures - the honor obligation seems tremendous. I shall treasure them like the rest of my collection to be sure - how else can one best respect Transformers?

Work resumes again tonight. Steady as we go!