0158C: Slow Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend ended with...a marathon.

Not an actual footrace mind you, but just me and Tobie watching TV here at the Sietch. We had finished the prior season of Parks and Recreation by Saturday and then moved on to watch The Office now that I had managed to burn everything to a back-up DVD. And it was nice.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy our O Bar nights of course. But naturally they're more fun when we have more of our friends joining us at the bar. And last night we weren't all that sure who'd be there, and so staying home seemed like the better option. Plus it's not like we didn't have some alcohol this weekend - Saturday's game board night had it's share of drinks to help things along.

And now, well, my weekend is coming to an end. And I'm rather hungry with no idea of what Tobie and I should eat. Silly Sietch problems on a lazy afternoon.
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