0158B: More Weekend Gaming

So last night the zombies won, and other crazy events. But such is par for the course for any game night at the Sietch, especially with quirky gay geek friends (even though one of them denies identifying himself as a geek).

After another grueling work week, it was nice to meet up with friends again for a game board night. Given how much we've invested in various game boards, it's nice to put them to use. And playing all these quirky games among gay geek friends is especially fun since the banter is rather cutting and the analogies get rather colorful.

And Citadels is like the best game ever for gay geek friends. I mean seriously, it really leads to some rather creative competitive play. And it was awesome to finally try the expansion set character cards to see how they work in the game - and man are they pretty awesome.

But we also got to play Last Night on Earth - and I've been really curious about the gameplay works after I had gotten the game for Tobie on his birthday. And it was a lot of fun.

Today I ran the second session of The Gossamer Saga game. It was a shorter game, but it went pretty well. I just need to work out some more of the kinks of the system that Tobie helped develop. But at least the story is moving forward. And that's pretty cool.
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