0158A: Saturday Decongesting

I still feel tired. It's rather hot and humid tonight. And after our brief jaunt out of the Sietch for an early dinner and some hopes of geekery, I don't foresee going out again any time soon.

Thankfully, we've scheduled a gaming night tonight with some friends and thus we're going to just hang around here at the Sietch all night. And while Tobie and I would have loved to support O Bar's free HIV screening event tonight, it's really hard to brave the crowds on a Saturday night.

But on a side note, we really ought to schedule another HIV test again. It's just the right thing to do.

Tonight is a game board night instead of an RPG night. We still have a tabletop RPG session scheduled for tomorrow though - but tonight I look forward to becoming king, fighting zombies and gathering lumber. Oh lumber.

But I do wish it was colder.
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