01586: Another First Day

I had a different blog in mind today about the Hontiveros campaign and how I feel a lot of the Nancy Binay memes came from them as an odd campaign strategy, but I think I'll save that for another day. I'm in a good mood after all.

Today a new employee joined me in the Marketing group. It was a fairly good day as far as good days go, although I do wish that first days were a lot more productive. Part of the growing pains of a company our size, I suppose. It will get better in time, of course, but still I can certainly see a number of ways that we could streamline our processes in this regard. I guess I should be glad that I actually have a new employee to onboard and orient.

The cavalry has arrived. This should be interesting, indeed.

I'm pretty tired after the rigors of Monday shift, what more the challenge of spending most of the day talking. But hey, I did get to tap into that part of me that will always be a trainer, so that's good too. But for now, I should get some rest soon. he work week continues again tonight.