01585: Home for the Weekend

Given Mother's Day, the Election liquor ban and other unrelated factors, this ended up being a non-gaming weekend and a non O Bar weekend to boot!. Of course by gaming I'm referring to our tabletop RPG sessions with friends and not necessarily console gaming (which happened instead).

This is by no means a complaint - everyone needs some rest time after all. As much as it's fun to "maximize" the weekend with various leisure activities, it's still quite fulfilling to just stay home. Our only excursions out were Saturday's impromptu Greenhills run and Tobie's Mother's Day obligations last night.

It was certainly a good weekend filled with watching a heck of a lot of downloaded TV shows and movies, cuddling on the couch and playing a new PS3 game, Tokyo Jungle. Who ever thought that playing as a feral pomeranian in post-apocalyptic Japan would be a fun thing? And there's so much more to the game to explore and yet I'm already tempted to download the add-on that gives you more animals to enjoy. Oh the games that we get into.

The work week looms ahead. Naturally I still have shift tonight regardless of the local election day holiday. I have a new employee starting as well, which is a really great thing. Beyond the promise of lightening my work load, it's been far too long since I've actually had a colleague to talk to throughout the day. Beyond that I've largely been just all alone at my desk, which is okay for the most part but maddening otherwise.

Here's to another great week!
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