0157C: Quick Sleep-Deprived Post

Home with the family this weekend - and it seems inevitable that I get compared to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. I guess I'm quirky that way - in more ways than one.

Pretty tired from work and I haven't slept yet. But family time is worth the strain, if anything else. There's plenty of time to sleep later tonight. Or something.

I hope to make the most of this weekend, more or less. The work situation is just too crazy right now and the fact that I actually had to bring home work is a pretty bad sign. But what has to be done has to be done and we'll just make the most of things.

And as for you, don't even start. You know nothing. And I will never understand how quickly you can toss us aside despite how much you talk about how important we are and how much respect you claim to have for us. These are the moments that leave me feeling used and remind me why things turned out the way they did. But what is done is done.

Enough of that - time to get back to the weekend.