0157A: Do You Hear The Honking Of The Drones?

I've always said that I've never been big on motivation when it comes to work. Work is work, and thus personal feelings should not get involved. You work to make a living so that you have the money to do the things that you truly enjoy doing. Thus you shouldn't let other matters get in the way of your ability to get the job done. It's a little cold, I know, but it helps me get through the day.

But there are days like today when things just seem to be going a lot worse than you'd like and the stress really starts to get to you. I pride myself as a man with a rather firm resolve and a significant amount of tolerance and patience for bad things, but today was a little beyond my limits. I felt ridiculously frustrated and found myself needing to leave my desk for a while to just walk it off and get some air. I felt like punching something, shouting out in frustration or maybe just curling into a ball under my desk waiting for the worst of it to be over.

So yeah, it was one of those days.

I made it through the day with my sanity relatively intact plus I managed not to break anything. So yeah, that's a good result for things. I still have to deal with my work issues when I go back tonight, but I think I'll be in a better position for things. Plus it helped that Tobie, despite still feeling unwell, did his best to help cheer me up when I got back  to the Sietch. It's what partners do for one another after all - we do our best to support each other in times of need. And yes, today was definitely a time of need for me. Despite the oppressive heat, this is was precisely the kind of day when I'd be more than happy to entertain hugs from close friends.

I'm feeling a lot better now - definitely not as frustrated as before. Some rest will definitely do me some good in the long run. But in the mean time, I'm basking in the healing powers of a partner's love and general geekery.

Oh yeah, and we watched Oblivion. I'll reserve judgement for my formal review on the Geeky Guide.