01579: Labor Day Toils

Easy, breezy...Yoshi.
The work week continues to be a mix of the good and the bad. There's just so much to do and so little time to get things done. An the irony is not lost on me that today is the Labor Day holiday here in the Philippines. Despite this, I really see no opportunity to take some time off in the immediate future.

But at least we continue to make progress on the hiring front, and I'm fairly confident that I'll finally get some long overdue help sooner rather than later. And while I realize that this will still mean more work in the short term as I get the new employee up to speed, at the very least it will mean better things in the longer run. Having a bench that feels a bit fuller will definitely do a lot for my workload and to give me the opportunity to work on other initiatives that have been pushed to the back burner for far too long.

Tobie still isn't feel well, and his general sense of malaise appears to be more of a stomach bug than a general flu. That's sort of a good thing since a flu can progress in far too many directions. What he's going through now is still unpleasant, but it should run its course soon enough - at least that's what I hope. Despite his discomfort, Tobie still managed to make the trek with me to Shopwise to get the monthly grocery shopping done. He was quite the trooper as we braved the holiday crowds and survived until the end of the run.

Enough for now. I need to consider sleeping soon since I still have work later tonight.