0151F: Reliving My Childhood Through Transformers

2012 Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus
So I've invested quite a bit of money into Transformers this week - and the expenses aren't quite over given I'm expecting my pre-ordered Masterpiece Soundwave to arrive over the weekend (fingers crossed!) And while I know that it might have been much smarter to have waited a bit more or maybe tried to space out the purchases a bit more so they don't all land in a single credit card billing period, something just clicked in my head.

I know a big factor involves the fact that most of the figures in my purchases this week represented toys that I had owned before but either lost over the years or got too severely damaged, or toys that I sort of always wanted to have.

These toys most perfectly embody what I call my "nostalgia purchases" - these are the Transformers that I seek out because of what they represent in terms of my childhood. It's also why I've focused all my Transformers collecting resources into toys that are either reissues of the original 1980's toys or represent modern adaptation of these same characters. It's quite the fun ride and despite the obvious monetary expenses associated with these purchases, I have to admit that the emotional fulfillment I feel is hard to explain.

Takara TF United Megatron UN-09
 And having these figures in my hand is, well, quite the experience. I remember first opening similar Transformers boxes in our old house in Los Angeles. I remember struggling to apply the stickers with my stubby fingers and transforming them for the very first time. And that's an amazing gift for a guy who for most of his life thus far has felt like he's been in a big rush to grow up and become a mature and responsible adult.

I think some of the best moments of my adult Transformers experience involve being able to turn to face Tobie and share the newly transformed robot in my hand. He understands my enthusiasm for these toys. He's happy for me - I can clearly see that. And he can also appreciate why they're just so cool. And so all the more I know I'm with the right person - the man who appreciates me and my passions and my ridiculous number of transforming robots taking over more and more of Sietch Creare, the condo unit that we share. 

What else can a geek ask for in life really (apart from more storage of course) - to find that geek who understands your hobbies, shares your passions and supports you. And I know that I'm terribly lucky to have Tobie. 

And two Generation 1 Wheelie figures to boot, hehe.

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