0151D: More Transformers Considerations

Takara Henkei Streak
So after a lot of back-and-forth over email with GreatToysOnline since last week over a few items that I'm keen on ordering. Normally I'd rather bypass human interaction and just order the items directly off of their website, but I've been having trouble with their promo code plus the items that I'm looking for have only been featured on their Facebook page but not necessarily part of their online inventory. And while I've had no issues with them in the past, the customer relationship management aspect of their business has proven to be less than ideal.

I highly suspect that there's only one person really handling the online aspect of things, thus messages easily get lost amid the sheer volume of inquiries that I'm sure that they get. In the end we've finally clarified all the salient points and I have an order locked in. The order is probably a bit larger than I should have made it, but then I know I won't complain when the items arrive. I just means I need to shift things around a bit more financially to ensure things don't get too dire, which I'm sure that I'll be able to manage.

At the same time, I worked on sort of showcasing my various Transformers finds over on Facebook by creating public photo albums to showcase them all. I have them organized by year and have only backtracked for 2012 and of course 2013 year-to-date. I don't foresee going over my 2011 purchases as well, but it's hard to say at this point. My brain tends to go to crazy places at times and I can understand why some people think that I may have OCD. It's not too crazy to organize your photos the way I did. It may be a little out of it that I took the time to tag each photo individually based on the date that I purchased the toy.

So what's crazier - backtracking in order to tag my photos that way or the fact that I do have financial records for all of those purchases? I'll leave that to you to decide for yourself.

Such is this part of my geeky life. I do take my Transformers very, very seriously.

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