0151C: A More Relaxed Weekend

His and His Donuts
It has been a lovely weekend so far. Tobie and I have both had a lot on our plates for this work week and Tobie had additional family complicated to cap things off. So it was nice to reconnect come Saturday evening and from there we've just been focusing on resting and recovering from all the stress.

Initially we had plans last night to maybe join friends for drinks or just play games all night here at the Sietch. But it didn't take a genius to figure out that Tobie was too tired for anything like that and I wasn't exactly fully up to it either. So instead we gave ourselves the best gift of any weekend - a good night's sleep. And I think we were all the better for it. Tobie and I have pretty simple desires when it comes to our free time. The bar scene and the odd social even can be fun, but staying home always trumps all other activities.

Plus it's not like there's a good movie showing right now that we haven't seen.

Tobie: Professor of Icebergs Mathematics
Today we finally left the Sietch bright and early in order to drop Yoshi off at the groomers. And once there, that left us free to walk around the various malls of Araneta Center in search of more storage solutions for the Sietch. And we did find a few choice additions to our collection in the form of those small Japanese toy display cases and some great PS3 games.

We ended up at Icebergs in the hopes of waiting long enough for Yoshi to be done. And while we were not successful in that regard, we at least had a fun lunch of sorts, with some major ice cream components involved. And Tobie actually had to go to great lengths to explain precisely why he ordered what he had ordered and why it was such a good deal. Considering Tobie normally goes for the 5-scoop King Kong, today's option was a lot more modest at only 3 scoops.

It sounds a little weird, but it makes more sense if you know Tobie well enough.

Yoshi Post-Groomers
Yoshi certainly looks better, although I wish they had done a better job on his face. Clearly they rushed through his haricut - which is sort of to be expected given Yoshi was #17 in the queue even though we were there within the first 30 minutes of Pet Express being open. At the very least he's clean and the bulk of his grooming job was good. I can probably address the other stray hairs on my own in the days and weeks to come. And he smells great!

We're in the middle of this week's gaming session together with Urim and Mahar. This particular game is drawing to a close and I'm not sure if tonight's session with be our "season ender" or maybe just a cliffhanger given to the penultimate gaming session. This one has been going on for a long time now and it'll be interesting to see how things pan out. I've come to love our pulp-era heroes - something I can also blame the Tom Strong comics on since Tobie has been making me read them as of late - that's a lot of pulpy goodness right there.

I had initially considered going to O Bar Ortigas tonight after the game, but I'm not so sure right now if that's a good idea. Still, it might be worth the effort, depending on how we feel at the wrap-up of this story. We'll know in a few hours...
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