01519: Thursday is Close to Saturday, Right?

Well, we're finally past the halfway mark for this work week. And I couldn't be happier about it. Time hasn't exactly been flying given the lack of "fun" if you want to look at things that way. But we do our best to get by.

I am a bit surprised by how much sleep I've been getting this week. I typically average closer to 4-6 hours a day and this week I've been managing 6-8 hours. I know my being sick is a major factor in things - my feelings of lethargy are a sign of my body wanting more time dedicated to recovery. But we all have to work to earn the money that we need to not just survive but enjoy the things that we enjoy in life.

One of the more interesting news items of the week (outside the ridiculous drama at the Senate) involves the announcement that Google is finally establishing a Philippine office. Naturally this has always been pretty much the dream posting for me, even though I recognize that my chances of getting in are pretty slim. And maybe I'm selling myself short before the "race" even begins, but I feel I'm just being realistic about things. It'll all depend on what job openings actually post - only then will I be able to gauge for myself whether or not I have skills that Google may need. So for now it's a wait-and-see kind of operation. But you can imagine that I'll continue to pay attention to what they decide to do in the months to come. Fingers crossed.

The weekend ahead does promise to be pretty good. Saturday we're due to meet up with friends in what may initially be a non-gaming environment (and yet it may end with a game). We're still finalizing our plans for Sunday but luck that will also involve a game and maybe an O Bar session if we suddenly feel like it. Thursday afternoon is a tad too early for us to lock in plans with any degree of finality.

Oh, and we've already booked plane tickets for a trip to Singapore in June. We hope to catch the staging of the Dirty Dancing musical together with my sister and we reserved tickets this early to ensure that we get them at a good price. Jetstar remains our airline of choice for these short trips given they're so much cheaper on average compared to most and the service is much better, at least in our experience.

I really don't understand why so many people still fly Cebu Pacific. The promo fares seem cheap but they stack on so many additional fees and then you're almost certain that your flight is going to be delayed. Craziness.

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