01518: At the End of a Very Long Day

My new desk setup - with Decepticons
Today was one heck of a work day. It's always the case when a major deadline draws to a close . On days like this I find myself rapidly putting together various slides, org charts, letters and other related collateral until we have everything firmly in place for the final submission. And today's task was particularly intricate together with significant delays with some of the pieces worked on by others.

I suppose it was perfect timing that today was the day that I decided to migrate some of my Transformers from the Sietch over to my office. It was part of a plan to both create more space at the Sietch and make my office environment a little more cheerful. And as I've mentioned so many times before, there's nothing quite as uplifting for my spirits as my Transformers. But to minimize my risk of losing good Transformers, I only brought my Transformers Power Core Combiners, since I don't quite love them as much. It's not my fault that their limbs consist of mindless drones that don't truly transform.

Baboy is always watching
I ended up staying an extra hour and a half beyond my shift time. Given how I've been feeling rather sick this week, more time at work wasn't exactly pleasant. At least my nose is no longer doing its impersonation of a faucet. We must be thankful for the little things, after all.

Now I'm home and looking forward to getting some sleep once I finish up with this blog entry. I've already uploaded my photo for today's photo contribution to my Project 365 effort for 2013. And Yoshi has had a bit more time to stretch his legs and have some more kibble to eat, albeit lazily.

Tobie's at work, so there's little point to staying awake too long. As much as we can chat periodically as he gets through his work day, it's really not optimal time for interaction. This is best saved for when we're together in-person later tonight when he ets home and before I go to work. Or at least that's how the theory goes.

We make the most of every day that we have, in the end.  It's all that can be expected of us. And it does make for an interesting life.

Catch you later, world!