01517: Under the Weather Again

Does someone need a medic?
I'm currently juggling a lingering cold and the potential beginnings of a cough right now. Given the absence of a fever, it's not exactly debilitating or calling for complete bed rest just yet. Instead it's just enough to get in the way of my day-to-day routine, which is really, really annoying. My nose is dripping like a faucet and I constantly feel like there's a hairball in my through - or something to that effect.

I have yet to start full medication, so for now I'm just hydrating and ensuring that I have sufficient Vitamin C. But my generally feeling of unwellness does leave me a tad lethargic throughout my work day. Plus I seem to be using up enough tissue paper to perhaps create a  papier-mâché Statue of Liberty or something. Ugh.

And it's only Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. We have a very long week ahead of us until we get to the more restful period of the weekend.

I slept immediately upon arriving home from work. I initially had plans of preparing a nice brunch for Tobie and other stuff but once I slipped into bed beside him, that was pretty much all she wrote. I was asleep before I realized it and it was a good 8+ hours later that Tobie finally woke me up. At least the day has not quite been a total waste, but clearly my body is trying to supersede my own wishes and force me to rest more. As long as this helps me get better in the long run, then I don't mind too much.

So I've gone ahead and done a very bad in in trying to better organize my Transformers hunt list for the year into a single checklist on Springpad. While this does help me better identify my "progress"" throughout the year, it does prove to be a rather significant source of temptation to become a bit more aggressive in my purchases.

It also does not help that online retailers like GreatToysOnline are running extended "Christmas" sales until the end of the month to help lure in buyers like myself. And they've been generous enough to include newer items in the sale to make it even more appealing. I'm fairly on-track to purchase quite a number of toys since they're a lot cheaper with GTO, namely Commemorative Edition Ultra Magnus, the re-release of Powermaster Optimus Prime and Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime (Deluxe) for the heck of it. And with Masterpiece Soundwave expected to be released towards the end of this month, I expect my credit card to be carrying a much heavier load in the weeks to come.

And I still have no clear idea how I'm going to effectively display / store all these guys. Geek problems indeed.