01515: The Kreon Storage Conundrum

Yesterday I had purchased the four new Kre-O Micro-Changer Combiner sets, which are Devastator, Bruticus, Superion and Predaking. They're just the latest in a longer string or Kre-O purchases, primarily because I find their version of minifigs (called Kreons) terribly adorable. And they've evolved from just being static little figures made to look their their robot counterparts to small little Transformers that actually have alternate modes.

And for a while now I've been considering how to better display and / or store this little guys since they're pretty much just appearing all over the house or are being hidden away in little piles of Kreons on the shelf. Their small size does make things a little difficult since they still take up surface area even though they're not that tall.

So one of my bigger ideas was to dig out my old LEGO sets and construct some sort of a display surface for the Kreons. These are various playsets that I used to have on display back at the old house. When I left home that got really dusty and damaged due to incidental accidents and I finally brought them back to the Sietch over a year ago.

And I haven't opened the bin since.

LEGO Blacktron Alienator6876
So this morning I finally opened up the bin in search of potential parts to repurpose as display-building material when I fell down a nostalgia trap triggered by all these LEGOs. And the true brilliance is how intact most of them are, while the damaged ones may be restored to their former glory once I invest time in working with the loose pieces that I had collected.

The gem of the collection, at least for, is this little Blacktron walker on the left. This was one of my first LEGO Space figures when I was finally old enough to better appreciate what these sets were like once put together as opposed to just creating random things. It was one of my favorite LEGO vehicles and just seeing it again triggered way too many memories of playing alone in my room with all my LEGO sets. It was, well, really nice.

I cleaned up a few of the other figures including various custom creations I had made at the time. They're really not much - just little variations on robots that I had created to help popular my various playtime stories and such. And man, I made quite a number of robots - clearly this has truly been a lifelong obsession of sorts.

Now I still have my problem of figuring out how to display all my Kreons AND the potentially new problem of wondering if I can bring out all my different LEGO figures out of storage. They all need to be washed, assessed for damage and reassembled as best as I can, which means I made not necessarily enough up with any extra pieces that I can use for building a stand. I wonder if I can acquire loose bricks somewhere or maybe I should just try to buy this LEGO minifig display cases and have them as a Kreon case.

Yes, these are the things that I seriously think about during my free time. And luckily Tobie doesn't seem to mind and even supports my on-going "toymania" that continues to clutter the Sietch with more and more robots. Such is our geek life.
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