01514: Saturday Geekery (And a Haircut)

Hey I got a haircut!

It was sort of long overdue since my hair was kinda going crazy. And given I only have get crew cuts again these days, it's not like my hair was super long, but it was getting rather messy. And I don't like messy, if that wasn't too obvious.

On the way home today I managed to swing by SM Megamall to get the new Kre-O Micro-Changer Combiners that were just released. I'm totally loving these little guys - they're the perfect marriage between my love for LEGO and my love for Transformers. And they're relatively cheaper compared to official LEGO sets, so yay me!

What's funny is that I'm not even all that keen on the full playsets that turn into robots and vehicles. I'm just after the Kreons - the adorable little Hasbro versions of LEGO Minifigs.

We're going to have our first Houses of the Blooded game for the year - and this is also something that has been rather long overdue. We're making a lot of changes today so I expect this to be a rather lengthy session. Good times.
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