01513: Friday Comes Before Saturday

One more shift until the weekend. I'm feeling better already.

I certainly have my worked mapped out for tonight given the deadlines on my plate. I don't foresee too much difficulty, even if something else comes my way. I've already projected a new deliverable that is expected to manifest soon so I should be more than prepared to handle things. I just need to get through tonight, and then I can embrace the weekend.

Just watched the new Les Miserables movie this morning after work, and I have to categorically state that I'm rather disappointed with how it turned out. And this isn't even about the quality of the singing (which has been the common fear up until this point), but more the shoddy directing. The decision to over-utilize close-up shots throughout most of the movie with the other parts hobbled with shaky-cam moments left it a rather dizzying mess.

Get used to being this close ALL THE TIME
Movies are about creating grand scenes and visual spectacles - hence the production value, the costumes and all that good stuff. But you can't really enjoy costumes when all you can have are tight shots of people's faces. And you really can't enjoy the grandeur of any of the sets when these same tight shots leave the backgrounds a lousy blur. How on Earth someone thought this was a good idea is beyond me. And no, I saw no reason to cry given the movie lacked the emotional impact achieved in the stage musical or even in some of the movie adaptations in recent years.

I'll have a more formal review of the movie up the Monday after next (Life of Pi takes priority for this Monday), which should give more time to put my thoughts in order and maybe come up with wittier analogies for my complaints. It's not that the movie was bad overall - just terribly disappointing given all the resources given to them. Such a terrible waste indeed.

I think I really need to bathe Yoshi now. His odor may become self-aware soon.