01512: 2nd Monthsary Mini-Celebrations

Today marks our official 2nd monthsary together as a renewed couple and I put together a quick photo post to celebrate the day. And just as I got home from work and before Tobie had to leave for Makati, we shared a rather generous North Park lunch that is now sitting rather heavily in my stomach right now. I foresee sleep in the near future for sure.

Work remains at a more or less constant pace this week. It's definitely busy, but not to an unreasonable degree at least. But it also does not leave me much time to come up for air, if you get my drift. But I persevere.

Home alone at the Sietch right now with Yoshi wandering around as usual and a VCD copy of The Forbidden Planet playing on the TV. My legs still feel rather sore and I think I need to map out sufficient time to rest this weekend. I was weighing whether a trip to O Bar Ortigas might be a nice addition to our weekend schedule, but if my this general body weariness that I'm feeling doesn't pass, then perhaps rest would be more prudent. I recognize this is the odd combination of work stress, last Sunday's dancing at O Bar and of course my general level of health, which is not saying much. So here I am, trying to make do as best as I can.

Ironically, I've been rather disciplined at work in terms of what I eat. I've avoided fast food for my work lunches since the start of the year and I've managed to avoid relying on chips to help keep me awake. I've also cut out instant coffee and energy drinks in general in favor of various teas that I have on-hand. It doesn't provide as satisfying a "kick" upon drinking, but the overall effect is positive enough. Besides, I still get to enjoy my brewed coffee with Tobie while home at the Sietch.

Maybe I'll cover some books before bed. Well, perhaps that and of course the more usual chores like washing the dishes. We've been weighing whether or not it's okay to give Yoshi a bath, but admittedly I'm a tad worried about how cold the weather has been this week. I generally frown upon dog baths during colder periods in order to avoid Yoshi getting sick. And this is especially true for an indoor dog who doesn't get to dry himself off in the sunshine.

But it's a little early yet, so we'll see how things go. With luck I won't slip into a food coma any time soon. But it's a little hard to speak with any degree of finality at this point.

Such is life at the Sietch.
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