01511: January Work Blues

So today was one of those days when I fell asleep shortly after getting home from work. There was just no question in my head - the combination of all the stress, my feeling tired, the relatively colder temperature and of course Tobie quietly resting in bed were too much. So I joined him in bed and that was that. Six-ish hours later, I'm awake in the middle of the afternoon. Great.

This work week has been a bit of a drag - just so much to do and only so much time to get everything done. I'm still alone in the department, and that's probably a big  factor. The hunt for an additional Marketing resource hasn't been an easy one, especially given how we're all also a wee bit too busy to handle interviews day in and day out. And that really slows the whole process down.

Many times in the past I've discussed how I've never really been one to give into moments of lack of motivation when it comes to work. There just isn't any question about the need to go to work - we just have to do it. Work pays the bills and gives us the resources to do the things that we want to do, especially given how most things in life require money.

Micromasters Autobot All Stars by hansime
And while I don't think that motivation really comes into play in terms of the need to go to work, I have to admit that it hasn't been particularly easy as of late. Maybe this is just a January thing - we're all still recovering from the long holiday season and our bodies are just refusing to fully commit to the work groove again. But we press on.

I can only wonder if this may be something deeper - something that I need to address on a more personal level. But it's really hard to say at this point, and I'm not sure how beneficial it would be for me to invest too much time in this when there's just so much to do. Maybe once the work settles back down to more "normal" levels and I don't feel so swamped that I might have the time and energy to give this more thought. For now all I can do is blog about it in the hopes that writing it down will help me deal with it better in the long run.

We all have our respective ways of coping with stress. Blogging is definitely one of mine.