01510: Property Contemplations - The Return

Monday was very Monday-ish. That's all I'm going to say about that.

This week I find myself thinking about house hunting again. This almost always happens around this time of the year since our least is up for renewal by April and thus it's only natural to consider this subject. Plus I have a few friends going through this same process more out of necessity more than anything else. I have no idea how our lease renewal is going to go - it almost always seems to be the case in the past few years, but it helps to be prudent.

When people ask me where I want to find a new home, I find it a rather difficult question to answer. My nature as a commuter has me wanting to stay close to EDSA as much as possible, whereas the potentially more practical strategy would be for me to learn to drive. But beyond basic commuter convenience  I'd be lying if I said that Cubao has not won me over as a lovely place to live. It's near so many things that Tobie and I love and it makes watching movies and doing the groceries ridiculously easy. And yes, it makes hunting down Transformers pretty easy as well.

Finding a new home is never an easy decision nor one that should be made lightly. And I know that I almost made the mistake of rushing into this very decision last year when I let my emotions (perhaps particularly my fear?) push me faster and further than I would ever allow myself normally. But that is in the past and we continue to move forward.

No, I'm still not going to go for a condominium. We need to stick to our guns and find ourselves some actual land to call our own. And thus a decent townhome would be nice, but preferably one that's still in the city. I know the good deals are all further out of town, but seriously, who wants to be that far from everything else? I'll admit that I'm very much a city boy and I like being close to all the fun city things like O Bar and Greenhills and sources of wired, high speed internet.

But it boils down to a question of where the heck are there still townhomes for sale in Metro Manila, right? And do we actually have enough funds to purchase property given that we've only had year of savings to add to our pot? And when will I get to do my own laundry again?

So many questions. Let's see what we can do about finding some answers soon.