0150F: Back to O Bar on Sundays Again?

So after yesterday's Agenda tabletop game, Tobie and I made our way to O Bar Ortigas to have a little fun with old friends. Admittedly these trips were initially feeling like physical therapy sessions for someone who had recovered from a major accident. And I suppose that makes sense - the break-up of the ASA Family was an equally traumatic experience.

But if it is one thing that Tobie and I have taken to heart since we first got together was that we had to accept our right to happiness. And going back to O Bar again is essentially us reclaiming this part of our happiness despite past trauma. And last night was definitely a fun step forward for a number of reasons - all of which are pretty much things that I have written about before with regard to why I love O Bar.

Prince was there, performing of course. Although this time around he made sure to avoid us entirely the entire night, which is neither here nor there, really. This didn't really surprise me since previously he only spoke to Tobie and avoided me like the plague. And it kinda sucks when your ex pretends that you were never together to begin with - it's a rather dick-ish move, really. But if that's how he's going to play things, I'm not going to let it get to me. O Bar is about having fun and being happy and it's really easy for me to ignore his drama now versus before. And that is definitely progress.

But back to more important things, last night was wonderful. Sunday also happened to be the birthday of Oh Diva Bernie and it was nice to have pretty much the entire bar wishing her well. And always she put on a pretty stellar show - and thankfully I snagged a few good photos here and there the girls in action. And they had a rather significant entourage accompanying them as well, which helped push the entertainment factor even if they need a bit more practice to polish up.

And of course our O Bar nights are not the same without the presence of our good friends. And while there weren't exactly a lot of friends present, that does not take away from the value of friends who were there. Quality over quantity and all that.

One thing that remains constant in our queer lives together is the fact that our little Pamilya Egg still exists given Nico remains a close and dear friend. He's always been one of our staunchest supporters despite all the quirky twists of our relationships especially given last year. But given we are his "parents" of sorts, it does mean that we spoil him from time to time like how we bought a few extra beers so we'd hang out with him longer even though we had originally been ready to go after the second set of the Oh Divas. Such are the obligations of queer parenthood among friends.

I don't think we're going to be going to O Bar as much as we used to - and I'm not even factoring in how frequently we used to go while Tobie and I were still involved with Prince. I don't think my liver can support too much drinking nor can my body support all that much dancing, haha. But we'll see - I can't really determine at this point how things will go. But at the very least it's important that we do feel comfortable going back to the bar at all. So yay again for progress.

And let's end this post with another fun photo with good friends and quite an adorable couple.

Until the next O Bar night!