0150E: Transformers Sunday

Cybertronian Soundwaves
The weather has been a tad weird this weekend given the storm system moving through the country. It hasn't been all that rainy, but there were some moments of brief yet intense showers. I've stayed in the whole day while Tobie had to leave in the afternoon for a short meeting. Yoshi slept through the whole thing.

Spent the afternoon with some of my newer Transformers figures - namely Fall of Cybertron Grimlock and Soundblaster. I really should invest in a better photography setup of some sort for when I take time to photo document my Transformers - something like a decent light box or even just a cleaner background. I had purchased some illustration boards for precisely that purpose in the past, however I've never really trusted in my arts and crafts skills to construct a decent enough setup on my own. Maybe purchasing one (hopefully on the cheap) may prove to be a better idea overall.

Grimlock is a bit of a campy figure. He looks awesome in his robot mode and he has the same sword and shield set that he uses in the game.  Of all the recent Voyager-class Fall of Cybertron figures, he's the only one with an light-up gimmick focused on his head. This is one of the rare Grimlock figures that isn't all that fun in Dinobot mode given his hollow chest area and the odd lack of movement in his legs, but you can't have it all. It sort of makes sense given in the game he was sort of stuck in his robot mode and his Dinobot mode was just a special power that he gets to use once he's angry enough.

Sounblaster is yet another use of fundamentally the same mold as the original Cybertronian Soundwave released in 2010, but increased to Voyager-class size. Instead of storing his guns in his chest, he now has a launcher for his data disc minions. Soundwave included Laserbeak while Soundblaster comes with Buzzsaw. Having this figure now has me wanting to get one of the G1 re-releases for Soundblaster to complete my collection. And there's a version of Soundblaster that includes Ravage and Buzzsaw as minions. Gotta love how Buzzsaw persists throughout the years.

I'll probably get around to unboxing Autobot Blaster and some of his data discs tomorrow when I have the time. I'm tempted to pick up the Ratbat and Frenzy two-pack, if only to get more little flying guys in my collection. Plus Ratbat is always sorta cool to have character-wise given he has performed the roles as an auditor and even a senator in the G1 continuity. But with logic like this, I suspect that I will eventually get all of the data discs and will just have to live with my decision, haha!

Agenda game in-progress right now. Then may O Bar tonight if other friends are going. Too early to tell for now.
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