0150D: Weekend Geekery

Just got home from watching Life of Pi with Tobie. We had initially planned to watch it once I got home from work earlier, but since he slept late and I was pretty tired too, that didn't happen. But our plans pushed through earlier this evening since the combination of weather, power outages and out of town trips resulted in our Saturday night game being cancelled for now. And as much as I wanted to game, I also really wanted to watch this movie.

I admit that I hadn't enjoyed the book at that much when I had first read it. Sure it's a good book and it has great value within it, but it wasn't an easy read either. It is, after all, a survival piece. And survival is arduous and grueling. On the other hand, Ang Lee managed to create a magical film that certainly brought a different angle to things that made it all the better. I'll post a formal review will post on the Geeky Guide in time - I may need a wee bit of time to digest things.

Earlier I passed by SM Megamall since a Facebook group had alerted me to the fact that they would be releasing Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Grimlock at Toy Kingdom. Of course when I got there they also had Autobot Blaster and his data disc companions, so I ended up getting him and the Ramhorn set, only because Ramhorn looked rather cute. I'm not a big fan of these new data disc minions since they don't have the same coolness factor of the original G1 cassettes. But again, Ramhorn was too cute.

And I had purchased Soundblaster the day before together with Tobie.

In terms of my Transformers collecting, I try to set firm rules on what I am willing to buy and what I choose to wait out. The Transformers Generations line in genera is fair game for me while I do my best to avoid getting any of the figures from the Transformers Prime toyline. And even in this imprint I initially decided that I would not get the data discs, but today's purchase has me re-thinking that. Now I'm worried if following my "logic" in terms of collecting if I should get the rest of the data disc sets as well. Or maybe I can wait for them to appear on sale much, much later in the year. Or I can choose to not get them.

It's a ridiculous "problem" to have, only because my OCD tendencies tend to complicate my collecting habits. And it's not just for Transformers - the same thing happens for books. A good example is today I ended up buying the Newsflesh Trilogy, which I had already read on my Kindle. I love the books and I felt they deserved the "reward" of being included in my physical book shelf. Plus I had the logical conclusion that I had already bought The Windup Girl after reading the Kindle edition, that already set a precedent. And once I have I precedent for these things, it sort of becomes a slippery slope for collecting.

But that's my life.
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