0150C: Emergency Movie Date

Just caught Zero Dark Thirty, and given my work week I really needed a movie date. And while the movie wasn't exactly light fare, the overall experience was relaxing in itself. This will definitely help me cross the finish line past my last work shift of the week, which will be later tonight.

Well, there's the movie and the fact that Tobie I bought a mess of DVDs on sale and I also picked up Transformers Generations Fall of Cybetron Soundblaster as well. My credit card isn't all that happy that I added to its load, but then my heart feels more full. Plus I'm excited to assemble a little army of Soundwave-related figures. I wonder if I'll ever indulge in Transformers Encore Soundblaster. But I digress.

There's still Life of Pi to look forward to as well. I'm not sure when Tobie and I will manage to schedule time to watch it given the games already set for this weekend as well. But hey, it's going to be fun regardless of what happens.

But we definitely can't forget to schedule a massage before next week rolls along. Please.
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