0150B: Daydreaming About the Weekend

The work week trudges on and things are certainly busy - perhaps even busier than I had predicted despite my best projections. I'll make it to the weekend okay, but I'll also be very, very thankful for the respite as well. Just two more work shifts to go!

But definitely feeling pretty drained this week. I guess there's just so much going on, it's a bit of a strain to keep tabs on everything. There's quite a number of plates that I have spinning and the trick can only work for so long - at least not without removing a plate or two, or perhaps breaking some of them. I'm hoping for more of the former instead of the latter.

I regret not having made more progress with my organization efforts for the week. Things had started out strong at the beginning of the week with my progress with the DVD sorting and such, but I haven't made much progress since. There's a stack of books in need of covering that remain unattended to here on the dining table. And I haven't made any progress with my efforts to revisit my different Transformers Generations figures as new reviews on the Geeky Guide and such.

As for the weekend, well the sky's the limit, really. With the Metro Manila Film Festival finally over, new movies are finally able to come in. Life of Pi is already showing and it looks like Zero Dark Thirty will be showing by tomorrow as well. Both are movies that I definitely want to go see together with Tobie and with luck we'll find the time to see both of them.

We also have another tabletop gaming session scheduled, and that's another welcome distraction for things. We may be trying out a new game system - this being Models, a system that Tobie came up with himself. It promises to be a very light and fun game, which may be the perfect answer for my work woes and such. And I think the entire group is looking forward to a little silly gaming fun.

And maybe a trip to O Bar - but not before we figure out when we're getting a massage. Oh yes, a massage is most definitely in order.