01509: Domestic Musical Chairs

Given yesterday's post about organizing things at the Sietch, I admit that I went a little overboard with my efforts. Initially I had promised myself that I would content myself with organizing the DVD cases and then call it a day at that point. But one thing led to another and I ended up finishing the cases, sorting the PS3 games and organizing all of my back-up DVDs And while sleeping at close to 06:00pm before a week night shift is hardly ideal, at least I slept feeling rather fulfilled. More items off my to-do list.

The first day of the new work week was as busy as I had expected. Reports, big deliverables and all that fun stuff - just the components of another regular work day. It looks like the little respite from the holidays has finally worn off and thus now we do our best to keep pace in this crazy little rat race of life. And yet we cope as reasonably as we can.

Back on the home front, I'm doing my best to hold back from any additional Transformer purchases just yet. Shelving options are rather minimal at this point so I first need to either better optimize how the robots are stored now, perhaps put some in storage or bring them to the office, or find new shelving / storage options to purchase. These items require significant time or other financial resources to implement.

But as early as now I'm already forming my initial hunting list for Transformers for this year. Beyond the obvious purchases of the Masterpiece versions of Soundwave and his cassettes, there are some G1-style figures that I think I will inevitably get. One key purchase is the commemorative release of Ultra Magnus, but I also want to get Solar Storm Grapple to round out my collection of the Inferno truck mold. Plus I'm thinking of finally getting the Reveal the Shield version of Optimus Prime just for the heck of it.

I'm thinking that we might be able to either find nice plastic bins to store the game boards or we can sound alternative shelving that can be used either for the games or my Transformers, thus freeing up more space. It's really a question of how we end up organizing things around the Sietch and Tobie has some interesting ideas for where to place our mini-garden.

Geeky domestic fun.

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