01508: Sietch Storage Considerations

We have a rather diverse collection of movies and TV shows here at the Sietch - something that has grown over the years. It consists of original DVDs, pirated ones and burned DVD back-ups of the stuff we've acquired online as well. And while Tobie has a more eclectic sorting system for his personal DVDs, I tend to handle the organization of the rest of the collection.

Today I spent a good two hours sorting through the pirated stuff - throwing out the DVDs that had degraded to the point of being unreadable and putting aside duplicates of movies whose original versions we've already acquired. All this is to free up space for other sorting efforts for the back-up DVDs and such. It's a somewhat long and arduous process, and yet also somehow relaxing at the same time.

I have a lot of organization tasks that I need to get around to to bring things more in order. Beyond the never ending problem of where to store my Transformers and my books, there's also the question of the rather significant collection of PS3 games as well. Before I just handled things in a strictly alphabetical manner. But now I'm thinking of modifying this in a manner that accounts for games that offer local co-op play modes versus strictly single-player games.

And then there are all the new game boards that are in need of better homes in the Sietch. They've started to gather in a corner beside the shelf that contains the Carcassonne sets, but sadly they're still in bags and pretty much on the floor.

The big question now is really storage, and purchasing additional free-standing shelves would be preferred option but not an easy one. There are very few shelves that are stable enough to support the weight of our collections over time and even the big bookshelves that Tobie had purchased some time ago are already warped and bending. When Tobie and I finally get to move to a more permanent home, I am definitely going to invest in custom shelving solutions.

And I really want to cover the rest of my books. I have rolls of plastic already waiting in the wings but really just haven't made the time to get around to addressing the rest of the collection.

I can't quite claim these are typical geek problems. But they're definitely rather nerdy concerns at the very least. And I don't regret things - I just wish that I had more time and perhaps more resources to support some of our home improvement plans. But of course this isn't a unique wish - don't we all hope for those sorts of things to come our way?

Fingers and toes crossed!


  1. Good luck in your collections. I hope you find the perfect shelf. I'm sure those collections are gonna valuable in the near future.


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