01507: Today's Greenhills Date.

So today Tobie got up pretty late after yesterday's rather epic gaming session with Matt, Princess, Jeff and Kaito. We had another intense Lacuna game (Kaito's very first tabletop game experience!) followed up with an equally engaging game of Citadels. We wrapped up close to sunrise and I'm surprised that I had managed to stay awake that long despite not having slept much before.

Today's Geeky Haul
Today Tobie suggest that we step out for a bit and go around for geeky stuff. Between initial options like Trinoma and Megamall, we ended up deciding to go to Greenhills instead. His primary goal was to check out the gaming shop Fortress since he was keen on getting a copy of the cooperative science fiction horror board game Level 7. And I've never been the type to refuse a chance to go around the Greenhills toy shops on the odd chance that I might find a good deal.

And while I didn't find any new Transformers, Tobie certainly found some great stuff.Apart from Level 7, we also found additional game cards for Settlers of Catan, some Adventure Time shirts that actually fit me, and the white LEGO car from the recent Shell promotion. That last one was a bit of a gem given someone was only selling it as a full set while another store just had this one being sold on an individual basis! So awesome!

Father and Son?
But the real gem was how Tobie surprised me by getting the loose G1 Wheelie figure that had been on display at one of the shops. I had been looking at it time and time again but had always said that it probably wasn't the best time to get it. And today I had mentioned to Tobie that I might finally get it should the store happen to be open on our way back to the car. And then we parted ways as we inspected our various shops.

So imagine my surprise during dinner when he pulled out the figure - apparently he had gotten it when we had separated and didn't tell me right away. I think I managed to keep my composure well enough at the time by not squealing in the middle of a crowded restaurant. A second Wheelie is a tricky thing to consider given the many layers of meaning attached to this particular Transformer, who was one of my first. It's like being given a rather extravagant engagement ring, quite frankly.

I really should better document that story some time. Perhaps on Baduy Pride. Oops, Tobie beat me to it.
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