01506: Saturday Quickie Clean-Up

First up, I've started gathering my photos for my Photo Project 365 for 2013. You can view the public album on Facebook, in case you're interested.

With the holiday season over and the new year pretty much in full swing, that also means our regular gaming sessions are back in business. Not that we didn't game during the holidays - we actually managed an Agenda session pretty much right before the fireworks came around. But this also means that folks will be more regularly visiting the Sietch again, which is sort of the default gaming venue for many of our gaming groups.

Thus in classic Filipino tradition, I spent part of my morning cleaning up the Sietch a bit just after arriving home from work. Come on, we all do the same thing when we know guests are going to arrive. And even if it means that we keep hordes of dust bunnies untouched in some unseen area of the home where guests are not expected to go, the more public areas will end up looking a wee bit better. In my case, I worked on making the bathroom a lot more presentable.

We didn't have maids for most of my childhood years and then some. More than being about cost savings, having a live-in maid always seemed like too much of a risk and it typically ended in theft of something valuable or the destroying of appliances due to ineptitude. And I've sort of grown up firming believing in the culture of doing your own chores given it really is character building and sooner or later you're going to have to clean your own bathroom. It may not be the greatest pearl of wisdom in the world, but it has stuck with me through the years. And should I ever have kids somehow, I'm definitely going to make sure they know how to do chores.

And that means everything from how to clean a bathroom well to how to iron clothes. Don't worry, I do believe in washing machines if that's any help. But for everything else, it's best they learn first hand. Although I'm still not perfectly sure if I'd want to have them wash dishes - I really do enjoy that particular chore.

Now I hope to prepare a quick brunch for me and Tobie so I can get some sleep before the game. I know, I know, my tenses and time references often seem so screwed up because of my call center schedule. But that's life.

Oh, and a final note - Yoshi has finally figured out how to jump onto the couch. This does not bode well.