01505: Creative Endeavors for 2013

It's nice to see how much effort Tobie has been putting into his gaming blog, TAGSESSIONS, and the generally positive response his posts have been getting. Add in the addition of Communities to Google+ and his posts have definitely found a new audience there as well. We've been discussing his efforts for the blog and some of his plans, and that certainly had me thinking about my own blogging efforts.

Apart from the daily posts on this personal blog, I put a lot of work into The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything. And while the blog may not seem "focused" compared to most other blogs, it really is a blog primarily for my own benefit to satisfy some of my writing urges. I do my best to post 6 different posts a week - which is funny since I'm just one post shy of a full week.

The Geeky Guide consists mostly of reviews. I churn those out rather steadily based on whatever Tobie and I watch or experience in one way or another. It puts a bit of pressure on us in terms of media consumption and then additional pressure in terms of the writing, but it's a fun "job" of sorts. And yes, I'll admit that the blog doesn't exactly have stable income as of yet, although the odd advertising deal does provide fun bonuses here and there.

Outside of reviews, I do post the occasional opinion piece or somewhat editorial article here and there. And with Tobie wanting to balance his game summaries with more original content, I find myself wondering about how to do something similar for the Geeky Guide as well. It requires more work and certainly more thinking in terms of what to write about and it won't necessarily yield as many "hook" articles as my review posts do.

But I'm sure the blog could benefit more from hearing more of my "voice" as opposed to just the reviews. And it's not like I don't try to imbue my own character into my review posts - but naturally over time I've developed a certain pattern for these posts along with a sort of internal "reviewer voice" when I write them. It's something that naturally happens over time when you write so many reviews or do any amount of copywriting on a regular basis.

And on a different note, I kind of what to run a Project 365 for photos. I doubt they'll all be amazingly compelling, but I'm bound to come up with a few choice ones here and there. And a number of them are going to be tablet-created photos for sure. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Looking at my photos thus far, not all of the posts are necessarily going to be amazing. Some are from fun events while being out while others are just the sort of quick images that we take on the fly to share something online. But if I'm going to work on this in earnest, I'll do my best to invest a wee bit more time into it.

It certainly beats my silly Instagram irony experiment the other month.
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  1. It definitely is tricky trying to come up with good content. But hey, given our love for blogging, we will prevail!

    Admittedly, I haven't been able to write for BaduyPride since I am still feeling selfish about some of the stuff we've been up to. But yeah, we're gonna be creative muses for each other. :-* mwah!


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