01482: Work Work Work Work Work

Man, this has been one of my most stressful and hectic work weeks in quite a while. And despite today being a local holiday, it's not over just yet. I still have two major deadlines that I need to get out of the way today and then I should be in the clear. Fingers and toes crossed.

I actually fell asleep shortly after getting home from work this morning - I was THAT tired. Didn't even manage to wait up for the laundry pick-up that I had scheduled for the day (although Tobie did, thankfully).

On a somewhat related tangent, I did enjoy the side perks of going to bed earlier. It means that I get to wake up earlier too and thus I don't feel like I'm totally rushing to work in the evening. I'll figure out how I want to juggle things moving forward though. Too early to make any solid decisions. The side effect at times is sometimes I wake up too early (like today) and thus I know work will be a bit of a struggle.

Oh, and I've been rescuing photos from Multiple at the last minute. While I had closed my account last year, there are still other things I felt were important to save - no matter how emotionally traumatic the process can be at times. At least I don't feel as sad anymore.

I miss you too, Jase.