01481: Post Shift Toy Mania Time

Well, we're finally past the mid-point of the week and I think I'm going to survive. My responsibilities at our Quezon City location over and done with and one of my two Friday deadlines actually got moved to next Monday. Another of my Wednesday deadlines also passed last night and a bunch of other deliverables are looking a heck of a lot better now. As long as I keep up the pressure and make sure that I don't slack off between tonight and Friday, I should get to the weekend with my sanity intact.

Yay me.

In toy-related news, a former colleague of mine who is traveling on business in the US asked if I had anything that I wanted brought home from over there. Initially I had prepared some Christmas gift plans for Tobie involving some of his relatives expected to visit for the holidays, but those plans fell apart when the trip appeared to be cancelled. So when this message came up, it did seem rather opportune, although I know that my budget is a little constrained given my recent purchase of Sixshot.

But my love for Adventure Time won through and I placed the order, with two-day shipping no less. I wanted to make sure that the order would make it in time before she returns the Philippines after all. So sometime next week, a rather significant order of 18 different 2" Adventure Time figures will make its way over here along with the official DVD of the first season of the show. So much awesomeness in one order, I swear.

And in other toy news, I continue to steadily work through my queue of Transformers for unboxing as I cope with all my work stress. And while I only unboxed Generations (Cybertronian) Cliffjumper, I did manage to take photos of the entire Transformers Generations Deluxe Class Wave 1 line of toys for a future blog review. I hope to review them wave-by-wave as a catch-up effort to round out my blogging efforts a bit more. The Geeky Guide could do well to have more Transformers reviews, right?

Ah well, that's all I can manage for now. I need to catch up on sleep.
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