01480: Chaos Week Continues

This is really turning out to be one of those work week when you really feel like you're earning every last Peso of your paycheck - and then some. But it can't be helped, I suppose. I have my good weeks and my bad weeks and my everything-and-the-kitchen-sink weeks. This is panning out to be a most unique time indeed.

I know part of the reason things are so crazy is that I'm still alone in the department. I have yet to be successful in finding a replacement for my former colleague and thus the work really piles up when you're on your own. This is but a temporary measure - I think I'm on track to securing a good candidate, provided this person passes the final interview with the big boss above AND takes our job offer, of course. Fingers and toes crossed.

In the meantime, I need to head to bed earlier than usual since I'll be reporting to a different work location for tonight. And once I'm done there, I'll still have to make my way back to my home base in Makati in the wee hours of the night. Such fun.