0147F: More Transformers Stress Coping Mechanisms

Springer had an old bone to pick with Scourge
Work is back in full swing in quite a grand way. A new major deadline came in today to join the three others still on my plate. Add in a rather hefty monthly report that I'm trying to assemble, the regular weekly reports that are due at the start of the week, a one-off report request that also came in today AND a site visit on Wednesday night and I'm REALLY cooking with all burners on high. And then some.

There's a local holiday on Friday, but I doubt that I will have the opportunity to take advantage of it since at least two of those deadlines are for this Friday. But things will work out in the end, I'm sure. I will trudge forward and get past all the work and survive until the weekend.

Wish me luck!

Otherwise, I've been working through my queue of Transformers to unbox. Given all the work obligations, a little stress relief is definitely in order. And nothing is quite as calming as quality time with my Transformers.

It became awkward when neither could open their hands
As mentioned previously, I'm trying to invest a bit more time in these unboxing albums to go a little beyond just taking photos of the new Transformer in question. This time around I'm making sure to spend time making quick mash-ups with some of my other robots and going as far as posing them. It's an interesting exercise that forces me to dig out Transformers from their display areas and dust them off for a few photos. Thus I get to clean up my collection one robot at a time.

These two latest figures - Springer and Cliffjumper - aren't quite my favorites. Springer doesn't absolutely feel like the original G1 character while Cliffjumper has way too many moving parts to make him fun. But hey, I get them for who they represent and to make sure that I have a generally complete collection of all of the Generations toys - sort of my way of venting my frustration over having never completed the Classics line of toys.

I'm really delaying until I make time to unbox the Decepticons that make up Fall of Cybertron Bruticus, since I'm not sure where I want to put him upon Transformation. Plus there are some much older figures that have been waiting in queue for a while now.

I'd rather have more "problems" like this instead of the ones at work.