0147D: More Transfomers Rambling

The Growing Decepticon Air Force
As the year closes, it seems the number of Transformers at the Sietch seems to multiply. This is not a bad thing of course - it's just funny that way. It's an odd combination of buying new Transformers because of all the holiday toy sales and the fact that I try to "unbox" all my prior purchases from the year. By the time the year finally draws to a close, I typically try to ensure that all Transformers are released from the cardboard and plastic prisons and given homes here in the Sietch.

I was conducting a quick audit of my toys and was amused to note that with yesterday's purchase of Transformers Generations Sky Shadow, I now have completed all of the pre-2012 Transformers Generations Deluxe-class figures. Ironically enough, I still have not unboxed the Cybertronian Cliffjumper that I had purchased much earlier this year. That particular mold really annoys me.

The old unboxing queue - figures actually remaining today are both Rodimus figures and Cliffjumper

Note to Self: Try to post reviews of the various Generations figures either individually or by wave.

Cybertronian 'Wave Brothers
I also hope to spend more time playing with my Transformers more. Life is pretty busy as it is and I'm still finding time to just get them out of their packaging, what more just playing. Plus I have all these little dioramas and photo shoot concepts that I want to stage and photograph in time. Just a matter of juggling all my various activities, and of course the end of the year is always a rather busy time for various reasons.

So to humor this side of me, I'm trying to add modest comparisons between figures at the end of my recent unboxing albums. It better places the new figures in context of their brethren, like the comparison photo between Fall of Cybertron Shockwave and Cybertronian Soundwave. Nothing too spectacular, but it does force me to dig up older figures and give them a little dusting once and a while. And besides, I was genuinely surprised that we ended up with this Soundwave being taller than Shockwave.

It's a fun problem to have.

I like his jet mode the most.
Sixshot turned out to be an even better figure than I had initially imagined - certainly a wonderful addition to the collection. The additional chrome details give the figure a lot of pop and I just hope they don't fade over time like what has been observed in the older Takara Henkei! Henkei! line of robots. And his box doubles as a lovely display case and so I'm actually keeping this one for a change. I'm still going to take him out periodically to play with but beyond that he'll be nice and safe in his nifty container.

And I so want him to face off with some of the other big heavies that I have like Omega Surpreme and Sky Lynx. And don't get me started on Fortress Maximus sitting in the corner over there, hehe. Now there's a potentially big battle to stage sometime. However with robots that big, I'll need quite an amount of space to position then. And our floors are not typically available for use given, well, Yoshi.

The G1 Big Boys
Outside of my continued Transformers indulgences, our new board game Smash Up is proving to be quite fun. We're getting more used to the games unique rules and we're getting a better grasp of some of the more complex nuances of some of the card abilities and the like. For such a seemingly simple game, it does provide a highly diverse number of possible combinations. Quite a lot of fun indeed.

And right now we're in the middle of another session of our on-going Agenda game - a mix of the interconnected systems of Adventure! / Aberrant / Aeon Trinity. Having three different characters playing across three different time periods with interconnected stories can get pretty complicated, but nonetheless interesting. I just hope to survive this session. You know how it is in the cutthroat world of tabletop gaming.

Ah weekends.
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  1. Wow, that's a lot of toys! I have friends who also collect but more of Gundam figures. Hope you find time this Yuletide season to play with them :)


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